Career Learning

This department ensures that students complete their career-related learning requirements and activities that help them connect what they are learning in school to the real world. Students have the chance to explore a variety of work settings and jobs and learn valuable new skills; with these opportunities they can demonstrate their employable skills in real situations. If students approach their experience thoughtfully, they will gain new insights about their education plans and career goals.

Career Related Learning

Career-related learning standards (CRLS) are a state graduation requirement where students complete activities earning .5 credits over a four year period. It is designed to help students develop an understanding of their personal strengths and interests and to set goals for their future. By exploring during high school, students will learn career-related life skills and values that will help them to be successful in the world of work and/or the pursuit of a higher education.

  • Requirements are listed below. Forms with a * require that the student login to CIS, that link is available HERE.
  • Students and parents can see which assignments have been completed and which are missing by visiting Gradebook, HERE.
Career Learning RequirementYearDue Date
IDEAS Assessment form*Freshmen (completed in English Language Arts class)Before Winter Break
Exploring an Occupation form*Freshmen (completed in English Language Arts class)Before Winter Break
Personal Education Plan (PEPP)Freshmen (completed in Advisor)Ongoing
SKILLS Assessment form*Freshmen (completed in Raider Success)Before Winter Break
Resume Lesson Activity form*Sophomore (completed in Social Studies class)End of first Semester
Personal Education Plan (PEPP)Sophomore (completed in Advisor)Ongoing
Career Shadow and Reflection formJunior (completed on your own time)April 15
Resume Update Activity* form*Junior (completed in English Language Arts class)January 27, 2020
Career Speakers and Reflection form*Junior (completed at Career Convention)February 18, 2020
Mock Interviews and Reflection form*Junior (completed at Career Convention)February 18, 2020
Personal Education Plan (PEPP)Junior (completed in Advisor)Ongoing
Extended Application formSenior (completed on your own time)Before Spring Break
Personal education Plan (PEPP)Senior (completed in Advisor)Ongoing
Counseling Exit InterviewSenior (completed with Counselor)Ongoing


School-to-Career consists of school-based and work-based learning opportunities that allow students to apply their academic skills to a work/community experience and to develop career-related learning skills (personal management, problem solving, communication, teamwork, employment foundations, and career development). These opportunities encourage students to understand what they need to learn in school and how it is related to their future career and educational goals.

The following opportunities are available for students. Students may not earn more than a combined total of one credit as a Library Assistant, Teacher Assistant, Office Assistant, Maintenance Assistant, or any combination of these positions.

For more information, please contact your counselor.