Beyond CV

Beyond CV provides resources to prepare students for life after high school. College and career information, scholarships, financial aid, SAT, ACT and AP Prep are available for students. Students can schedule an appointment to talk about their plans after CV. Please email radhika.sriram@corvallis to schedule an appointment.

October College Planning Month - Additional Resources Available

Corvallis Student/Family Week: A Combined Initiative of Beyond CHS & Beyond CV

Information from the sessions are available.  Please check the links under each session.

  • WUE College Panel with WSU, ASU, NAU & Boise State: learn about WUE and how you can save money on out-of-state tuition. Slides from this presentation are available here. Video of the WUE panel is available here.
  • OSU/LBCC Degree Partnership Program: learn how you can save money though being dually-enrolled in both LBCC and OSU.   Slides from the presentation are available hereVideo of the OSU/LBCC session is available here.
  • FAFSA & Financial Aid 101: Learn how to file FAFSA (or ORSAA) and other Financial Aid tips.  Slides from this presentation is available hereVideo of the FAFSA session is available here.
  • Spotlight LBCC: CTE, certificates, associate degrees, transfer plan to 4 year, DPP, Oregon Promise.  Video of the LBCC session is available here.
  • College Application Process: an overview session with CVHS Counseling. 

Please use your student email to access the video sessions.  Please email radhika.sriram@corvallis if you have any further questions or concerns.