Students are required to regularly attend school until grade 12 unless exempted by law. At CVHS, we expect students to come to school on time and ready to learn. We realize that there can be complications in schedules and that a student may need to be tardy or absent. Please review our school's policy on attendance to learn how to excuse an absence and what happens if there is an unexplained absence(s).

How to Excuse an Absence

  • Prior to the absence, notify the school by calling the CVHS attendance line at 541-757-5806 or emailing [email protected].
  • If a verification note is required (permission slip, doctor’s note), make sure to turn that into the attendance office before the absence.
  • If your student is sick or there is a family emergency, and your student cannot attend school, notify the attendance office and they will excuse your student for the day.

Unless otherwise arranged with the teacher, students are expected to complete any missing assignments or course materials missed. If the student will be missing for several days it is advisable to get the future assignments as well.

In our continuing effort to better track attendance and identify patterns in student attendance data, we implemented the following changes starting in the 2019-20 school year.

Attendance will be recorded by teachers in 90-minute blocks (the length of one class period). In the past, attendance was taken twice each class period. With better data, school staff will be able to improve systems for supporting regular attendance. Every day matters!

As a result of this change to attendance recording practices, students will be marked tardy or absent according to the following guidelines:

  • If a student is up to 18 minutes late to class (20% of class) they will be marked tardy
  • If a student misses more than 18 minutes of class (20% of class) at any time they will be marked absent

The automated attendance call times will also be changed. Parents/guardians of students who have an unexcused absence in the first period of the day will receive a call at 9:30 am. A second call regarding attendance for the entire day will be made after 3:05 pm.

Circumstances for an Excused Absence

A child may be excused from school for the following circumstances:

  • Student illness or injury
  • Bereavement or illness of an immediate family member that requires the student to stay home
  • Religious instruction (under regulation of Oregon law)
  • Educational or occupational interviews
  • Emergency situations that require the student’s absence
  • School-approved field trips and activities
  • Medical or dental appointments (verification of appointment may be needed)
  • Legal or court appointments
  • Other reasons approved by the Corvallis School District

If you need to excuse an absence, contact the Attendance Office.

Consequences of Unexcused Absences

A student is required to regularly attend school during the school term. In the event of a minor unexcused absence, the parent/guardian will receive a message in person, by phone call, or another way of communication notifying them that their student has an unexplained absence

Failure to maintain a regular attendance (no more than 8 missed unexcused half days in a four week period) will result in a citation to the parents for violating attendance laws- failure to regularly attend school is a Class C violation of the law and therefore may be punishable by a court imposed fine.

Our goal is to help all students regularly attend school. Please contact your student’s counselor for assistance. For more information on Attendance rules look at the Student Parent Handbook.