What’s for Lunch?

We want to make sure that all students are fed and prepared to learn at school. Our district meal program provides breakfast, morning snack, and lunch each school day. The Free and Reduced Meal Program is available for students whose families meet specific household income guidelines.


During lunch period, students are free to eat in the cafeteria and other approved locations. They may purchase a meal from the school lunch program, snack bar, or have a lunch from home. They may also use this time to participate in clubs or to catch up on school work.

Parents can check their child’s meal account balance and 30-day transaction history online. This allows parents to see when their child is eating (or not) and monitor their balance. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to maintain sufficient funds in their child’s meal account. Charging is discouraged and should only be used in emergencies. Any student failing to keep his/her account current, as required by the district, shall not be allowed to charge the price of any additional meals until the account has been paid in full. To access your student’s online meal account balance, please use the link above.

The school cafeteria and snack bar are open before school, during the morning break, and during lunch period. The standard breakfast costs $2.10 and the standard lunch costs $3.50.

School Meals

School menus are created on a four-week rotation for the entire school year. Sometimes menus change due to school schedules, special occasions, or food availability. All schools offer full salad bars at lunch as a vegetarian option and to encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables.