Preparing For College

Testing registration and information for college entrance exams, including the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP tests, are available in the Beyond CV office and on other pages of our website. Information on financial aid, scholarships, and colleges are also available in the Beyond CV office and on other pages of our website.

Want to go to college? Begin the college checklist process!

The checklist is designed to help both students and school staff track the myriad forms, requirements, and steps to a successful college application. The process is outlined below.

  1. You will complete a Senior Transition Plan in Advisor period early in your senior year.
  2. Your advisor will give the completed forms to your counselor who will review them.
  3. Ms. Hudson will make a College Folder for students who indicate they plan to attend a four year college.
  4. Pick up your College Folder from Ms. Hudson. The folder will contain a College Process Checklist. Start with step one on the checklist and complete the form entirely. You will:
    • Checking off things you have done
    • Fill in information
    • Put requested documents and forms in your College Folder
  5. Once the checklist is complete, you will turn in your College Folder, including the checklist, to Ms. Hudson.
  6. Your folder will now begin a series of trips between your counselor, the Student Records Specialist, and the teachers you identified in Step 4 of the checklist.
  7. Throughout this series of trips, letters of recommendation will, if needed, be added to your folder.
  8. Once everything is complete and in your folder, the Student Records Specialist will make sure our portion of the application is sent on time. The folder will end its journey with your counselor who will keep it throughout the year.

Requesting Transcripts

Official copies of student transcripts are available upon student/parent request and are now processed through Parchment, a service that makes ordering transcripts easier for you. It’s also more efficient and will deliver your transcripts to the colleges you choose in the format they prefer.

The first two transcripts for seniors are free. Any additional are $3.00 each. If you have questions, please contact Mindy Depue at 541-757-5751 or email

Steps to take as a College-Bound Student

This document is meant to be an overview of the steps students should take if they are planning to go to college. Please visit our Beyond CV office , schedule an appointment with your counselor or explore more of our website for more information.