Grad Prep

The Corvallis School District’s goal is to continually improve student success and on-time graduation. This year all high school sophomores and juniors will attend Grad Prep once per week as part of their regular class schedule. Grad Prep meets for one hour and will be scheduled during your student's off-block on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Course Goals and General Information

  • Provide additional time to work on class assignments or complete make-up assessments
  • Provide an opportunity to make progress toward graduation
  • Provide academic support from a certified teacher
  • Provide regular access to Chromebooks
  • Improve performance in core classes
  • Helps to meet state-mandated class minutes

Credit for Grad Prep

Students who attend 25 (80%) or more sessions of Grad Prep can earn .25 credits with a Pass (P) grade. If attendance is less than 25 sessions, students will earn a No Pass (N) grade. 

Personal Electronics

Grad Prep is not intended as a time for students to catch up on social media. Personal electronic devices should be kept out of sight (in your pocket or backpack) during class time. If you need a device for completing course work, please ask your teacher.

Expectations for 30 remaining minutes of the class period

Following release from the 60 minutes Grad Prep class, there are 30 remaining minutes in the period.  During the 30 remaining minutes of the period, students are encouraged to be in the library, quad, tables in the front entry, or they may be off-campus. Students will be discouraged from “hanging out” in the hallways.

Attendance and Tardy Policy

  • Attendance will be recorded by teachers in 60-minute blocks (the length of one Grad Prep period).
  • Students will be marked tardy or absent according to the following guidelines:
    • If a student is up to 12 minutes late to class (20% of class) they will be marked Tardy
    • If a student misses more than 12 minutes of class (20% of class) at any time they will be marked Absent