Mission and Vision

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Crescent Valley High School has adopted the following core values to guide the attitudes, behaviors and commitments we will demonstrate in order to move toward a unified school vision:

Integrity Passion
Responsibility Respect
Critical Thinking High Standards

We are committed to developing graduates who:

  • Think, produce, and communicate effectively.
  • Creatively solve problems, access information, and adapt to change.
  • Behave in a respectful manner, being good role models and showing kindness.
  • Demonstrate a passion for life-long learning.
  • Demonstrate integrity.
  • Tackle new challenges with confidence and skill.
  • Evaluate and synthesize information.
  • Are self-reliant, believing in their ability to think critically to solve problems.
  • Make responsible decisions regarding health and humanity.

In order to reach high levels of achievement and personal success, all individuals within the Crescent Valley community strive to:

  • Think and communicate effectively.
  • Demonstrate integrity, show kindness and be positive role models.
  • Be self-reliant and able to tackle new challenges with confidence and skill.
  • Develop a passion for lifelong learning.

Vision statement:
Crescent Valley High School will nurture students to grow as responsible citizens, engaged learners and prepared for the transition to life beyond high school.

Mission statement:
Through rigorous and relevant learning, inspire students to be reflective, develop individual potential and pursue unique personal and career interests.


2016-17 School Schedules
Bell Schedule
Year Schedule
Crescent Valley High School
4444 NW Highland Drive
Corvallis, OR, 97330
High School Code: 380-211
Office Open 8am-3:3pm
GTE @ S. Albany 4pm
BTE - S. Albany 4pm
JV/V Baseball @ Lebanon 4:30p
Track - Lebanon 4pm
SOFTBALL moved to 3/23 3pm
Raider Core Values:
Critical Thinking
High Standards
Crescent Valley HS
Ranked 6th in Oregon