Sc The CVHS Parent Google Group (formerly listserv) uses email to help families be well informed about CVHS-related activities.

To Subscribe to the CVHS Parents Google Group:

Send an email to from the email account you want subscribed.

To Unsubscribe to the CVHS Parents Google Group:

Send an email to from the email account you want removed.

To Visit this group archives:

Go to You must sign in to Google or create an account to visit the list archives.

Do members need a Google account to join the group?
No, you don't have to sign up at all. They can subscribe or unsubscribe by email at any time without having to go to the group page and login. If you do want to create an account (so you can manage the way you receive emails from the group), it doesn't have to be Google account, but rather you can setup an account that uses any e-mail domain, such as Yahoo, Comcast, Hotmail, etc.

To Submit a Message to the CVHS Parents Google Group

To Post to the list, submit your message to:

  1. Write an e-mail message just as it is to be posted to the Group. Whatever is in your e-mail message will appear in the posted message. Please include email contact information in the body of the message, so that members may contact you with questions about your posting.
  2. Use a descriptive subject line. This will allow users to know what is in the message before reading it.  The string “[CVHS-Parents]” appears at the beginning of the subject line automatically.
  3. Email the message to
  4. The Group moderator (a parent volunteer) reviews the message within 48 hours for approval under the Group Guidelines.
  5. Messages that are not approved by the moderator can be appealed to the CVHS Administration for distribution approval.
  6. Please follow the guidelines provided below about the content of your message.

Guidelines for Message Approval

The messages distributed on the CVHS Parents Google Group are intended to provide important information to the users of the Google Group. Please avoid the overuse of the Group. Please do not send information out over the Group that can be found elsewhere on the CVHS website.

Whenever possible, combine messages to the Group into a single message. Please use file attachments sparingly and if you must attach a file please keep the file small. Please use the subject line of the email to describe what kind of content parents can expect in the Group message.

The Group is intended to notify the Crescent Valley parents of the beginning of new activities and events and should not be used to provide updated information including meeting times or reoccurring event notifications. Please use more focused email distribution lists to keep interested parent groups up to date.

All Google Group messages should:

  • Be related to CVHS events and activities.
  • Have a descriptive subject line. Please include what the message is about and whom the message is intended for.
  • Meet CVHS and CSD509J policies for Electronic Communication Distribution.

All Google Group messages should not:

  • Be used for acknowledgment and recognition.
  • Promote businesses or personal events.
  • Use any specific information about a student’s identity, email address, or phone number.
  • Be used to announce club meeting times or events that should be sent out via more focused email distribution lists.
  • Contain any political or advocacy group information.

CVHS Parents Google Group Concerns or Questions

Please remember to add the group to your approved mailer lists. This will prevent group messages from being put in your junk email.

Send any questions or concerns about the CVHS Parents Google Group to


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