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The Raider News is a monthly newsletter about school events and what's happening in the Crescent Valley community. Read the latest Raider News here.

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The Crescent Valley Crier

The Crescent Crier news magazine is a publication of Crescent Valley High School, and it is published periodically during the school year. It is written and produced by CVHS students. Opinions expressed in the Crescent Crier do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the associated student body, administration, faculty or staff of Crescent Valley High School.


Receive a call from the automatic attendance line? Not sure what class you were marked as absent in? Log-in to Pinnacle Global Scholar and find out!

Bus Schedule for 2015-2016

Check out this year's bus schedule route on our district's website.

Need something to do during lunch or after school?

Check out some of the fun activities and clubs available on our Activities Page.

Graduating Seniors!

Be sure to check out the Graduation Information page to get all the information you'll need when the day finally arrives.

Graduation is fast approaching, and so is the Graduate All Night Party, held graduation night! The GANP organizers have a special website full of valuable information and forms for you seniors and your parents! Check out the info, and get your ticket soon! The Graduate All-Night Party tickets are $30 before Spring Break; they will be going up to $35 after Spring Break, and they will be $40 at the door. So, get your ticket soon!

Looking for a good research source?

The Library Website has a collection of research resources, information about report writing, as well as MLA and APA citation style guides.

Need help becoming a more effective writer?

Visit the Writing Center in C-14. Schedule a session, drop in or drop-off a paper for edit.

Transcript Request

Need a copy of your Transcripts to send to a college? Contact CV's Records staff, Mindy Depue, for more information on this process. Call her at 541-757-5751, or email your request to her at:

Please plan ahead for your request; it may take 2-3 weeks, or longer, to make these available, depending upon the time of the school year and other requests being processed.

Special Student Projects

Special Student Projects happen at CV quite often, showing the diversity and creativity of our student body. This is one of those examples. Christian A. created an amazing Alice video in his Independent Study Programming Class this year, and we want to share it with our learning community. If you would like to view this "remade" of the Kia Soul commercial, with the soundtrack of Party Rock from the commercial, please click here.

This special project was created by David S. when he was exploring software that modifies and edits images (pictures) for his advanced Web Design class. It take a little time to load, but it's worth the wait! Made up of nearly 600 pictures David has taken since the first of the school year, it is cool when you realize what it actually is, and that YOU might be somewhere in this Raider Logo! Click here, to download the page and take a look by clicking on the image!

Daily Bulletin

  • Thursday, June 22, 2017 (All)

    Student Information

    ALL Schedule with Early Release:

    Class     Time
    1st          8:00-8:30
    2nd        8:35-9:05
    3rd         9:10-9:40
    Break     9:40-10:00
    4th &nb


  • Wednesday, June 21, 2017 (Odd)

    Student Information

    School begins at 8:00 with Odd classes meeting; lunch from 11:15-11:55; school dismisses at 3:05.

    Attention Students: If you are moving away, going on exchange, changing schools, and won’t be at Crescent Valley in the fall, please come by the Counseling Desk and let us know! There is a withdrawal process that Ms. Holst will explain to you. Thank you!

    Want to start


2017-18 School Schedules
Bell Schedule
Year Schedule
C O M I N G  U P :

Registration for 2017-18
August 22nd- SR/JR,
August 23rd- SO/FR



FREE Sports Physicals Aug 5th 9am-2pm in the Training Room


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