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This page is your gateway to everything CVHS related. Everything from emergency information, to Attendance contact information can be found on this page. This page is intended to keep you up to date will all things CVHS, and keep you informed about your student's learning environment.


Advisor is a required part of your student's curriculum and a requirement for graduation. Advisor provides students with information about college visitations, career educations, and keeps them informed about events around CVHS. You can also be kept informed about what is going on during the advisor classes and view the advisor agendas and information here. If your student misses an advisor class this is a good place to look for information about what they may have missed.


Did your student miss class today? If they did make sure to excuse the absence with the attendance office.

Did you receive a call from the automated attendance line? To find out what class or classes your student missed check the pinnacle gradebook or contact Jerri Barr in the Attendance Office.

Need additional attendance information? Visit the Attendance page.

Have a question about school policies regarding attendance, grades, or need general information about the school? Check out the student hand book.

Senior Parents/Guardians: GO Here for 2017 Senior Year Important Dates!

The CV Graduation Page has information that you and your student will need when the big day finally arrives.  If you missed Jostens, Thursday, November 3rd during lunch in senior hall, you graduation orders need to be mailed directly to Jostens by Dec. 9th before picing goes up.   If your student needs another packet please have them stop by the front office to receive one. If you have any questions please contact Jostens at 503-723-8006 or your senior class advisor at

Graduate All Night Party Website is in the works - check back when we have more information you and your student will need for this event celebrating the class of 2017! Parents can also volunteer for this event, but hurry! The volunteer positions go fast!

Is Your Senior Graduating This Year?
Senior Pictures are due by Wed., October 26th, if they are to be included in the 2016-17 Yearbook. For more information about requirements for the picture, and where to submit them for the Yearbook, click here for Senior Yearbook Picture.

Personal Messages for Seniors in Their Yearbook: Did you know that you can include an ad in your Senior's Yearbook, personalized for them, so they have a lasting note to remember how proud you are of them graduating? With a variety of sizes, layouts, even font options, you can create a unique message of how proud you are of your Senior, creatively reminding them this year, and for years to come. For such an important, once in a life-time event, checkout what you need to do to include your words of encouragement and affection in the 2016-17 Yearbook. Click here for more information about a Senior Yearbook Ad.

Senior Memory Collages - Carry on this CVHS tradition for your senior by making a collage of pictures of memories that will be shared with CV this year, and at their 10-year reunion. For details on how, check out this page of information.

Check back as the year progresses, for information about graduation requirements, scheduling and dates!

Sign Up For CV's Listserv and FlashNet
Please visit CV's communication page to signup for our Additional Emergency Contact Information.
Instructions on signing up, maintaining your account, what information you will receive, and how to contribute are all located on the page linked to the title. If the district is running 2013-14 Bus Snow Routes for bus transportation, a list of these routes can be found here. Delayed School Opening Schedule days will follow this schedule, determined each morning of a hazardous weather day.
Master Schedule Information
Need to know when a teacher is on campus for an important phone call or meeting? Want to know what teacher is teaching what subjects this semester and when? Need to know who your student has for that class, but not sure of their name? Check out the CVHS Master Class Schedule for this information.

Raider News

The Raider News is a monthly newsletter for student and parents. It contains important information about school events and what is happening in the Croissant Valley community. Read this month's Raider News, or look for a favorite in the archived newsletters here.

Volunteer Information
All volunteers must pass a criminal background check before they can volunteer. The background check will be good for two years. Background checks will be processed every Friday and results should be back by the following Wednesday. Please contact the main office if you have any questions.

The volunteer criminal background check must be completed online. You can fill out the form here.


The CVPO is a dedicated group of parents working to improve the Crescent Valley community through activism and support. CVPO has a parent coffee, which includes Principal Cherie Stroud, every second Wednesday of each month at 12:15pm. They then meet from 1:00-2:00pm and discusses issues surrounding the Crescent valley school and environment. A copy of the CVPO Minutes is available on the CVPO Page.


Oregon law requires that children enrolled in public school be adequately immunized against diptheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and varicella. For more information, please visit the official district wide page on the topic, which features district wide immunization reporting, or look at CV's rates directly here.

Donate to CVHS!

CV Excellence is an opportunity for parents and community members to contribute to the programs at Crescent Valley High School. CV Excellence is supported by the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation, and your donation is fully tax deductible Read More...

Donate items directly to CV

Bring the items to the main office with a note saying who the items are for. If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please ask for one at the time you drop off your items.

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